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The Work Readiness Programme aims to assist in bridging the expectation gap between employers & trainee accountants embarking on their SAICA training contract/articles (trainees). We seek to empower trainees to present their best self in the workplace when joining the daunting world of formal employment. Day 1: 24 April 2021 Day 2: 1 May 2021 Please select preferred date on the registration page


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    Power Tea

    The role of Women in the Post-School Education System (PSET)


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    ITC Preparation Workshop 2021

    This workshop is a platform for ITC candidates to engage with academic leaders that are involved in the ITC exams as either markers or lecturers serving as a high-level refresher to help candidates students understand the approach to preparing adequately for their exams. In addition, the sessions also include a motivational aspect which is intended to encourage and galvanize candidates.


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    REGGIE KHUMALO_x_AWCA "I feel her..."

    " She doesn't have to show you her power, she is the power. She doesn't have to conform but from the back she leads. Her humbleness is her strength. Her weakness worn as armour. She doesn't know it yet but she is a future President, CEO, engineer ... Her doubt is not a matter of confusion or disbelief but of asking herself, "will they be able to handle me",.. She knows she is already all of the above and more.Is true power what you see or is power, what is felt. I can feel her energy all the way from the back of the room. She doesn't have to annouce herself. I feel her..." - Reggie Khumalo

    Reggie Khumalo is a South African fine artist and motorbike adventurer. He travels and works across Africa to bring back Ubuntu and help disadvantaged children from all over Africa get an education.After every big trip, he holds an exhibition of the work inspired by the journey and donates a percentage of his profits to charitable causes. As such, collecting his art is not only an investment, but also a vehicle for social change.

    AWCA, a champion for education and the development of the African child, has partnered with @reggiethenomad to bring you " I feel her". You can now own 1 0f 10 of the exclusive series by emailing talent@awca.co.za to express your interest. Artwork retails at R10 000 each. Framing available at cost.